PLA - Polylactic acid

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biodegradable transparent plastic, produced so far from sugar or glucose. Its properties are similar to traditional plastic. PLA can be easily processed with standard plastic equipment.

What is PLA

PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a thermoplastic polymer today made from natural sugars.
PLA is produced by 100% annually renewable resources and thus with zero environmental impact.
PLA is absolutely comparable to a large range of well-known plastics available in the market.

PLA charachteristics

PLA is an aliphatic polyester thermoplastic polymer, with properties similar to polyester and PET.
It's transparent, glossy and with a good mechanical resistance; PLA can be easily processed by normal standard thermoforming machines, mono and bi-axial extrusion machines, injection moulding and foamed moulding.
PLA has an excellent resistance to oils and greases and to many other chemical agents; it offers a good barrier to aroma and oxygen, a low barrier to steam.
Main characteristic of the PLA is a 100% biodegradability and a 100% compostability.

What can be produced with PLA

Any item manufactured with normal available plastics and with normal available equipment can be produced with PLA.


PLA is stable at standard daily conditions (20°C).
PLA biodegrades by hydrolysis at temperatures higher than 65°C and humidity higher than 20%; however biodegradation time can vary depending on environmental conditions.
PLA items deteriorate in 50 days in normal industrial composters (65°C and 95% humidity).
PLA decomposes in more than 120 days in a home compost at a temperature of 40°.
PLA biodegradation, with no polluting elements left, takes 15 months when on the ground, 24 months when buried , 48 months into water .
All these terms are significantly lower compared to 100 years, which is the time necessary for normal plastic to biodegrade.

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