Fermentation systems

Galatea Bio Tech is able to provide feasibility studies as well as turnkey integrated systems and plants for any microorganism fermentation process.

There are three project phases:

Preliminary phase

- Strain selection and optimization
- Optimization of fermentative growth conditions (fermentation parameters and composition of cultivation media and broth)

Bioprocess production optimization

- Analysis and test of the best fermentation technique to be used (Batch, Fed-Batch, continuous Cultures)
- High Cell Density Fermentation

Process Design and scale up

- Scale up/ Scale down
- Bioreactor process modelling and simulation
- Analysis and purification of Bio products

Galatea Bio Tech can design and start-up any fermentation system suitable to produce molecules or materials deriving from agricultural biomass scraps.

Galatea Bio Tech can also provide advice and consultancy on this subject even during on-going construction or on already working plants.

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