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Galatea Biotech team for World Biotech Tour during Researchers' Night 2016

The World Biotech Tour (WBT) is a multi-year initiative that will bring biotechnology to life at select science centers and museums worldwide. During the tour high school students are involved in activities, meetings and debates with biotech researchers and experts. Besides that, their communication skills concerning biotech related subjects are improved.

Paola Branduardi and Stefano Bertacchi were selected by Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia of Milan as mentor for the student of Liceo Classico San Raffaele of Milan partecipating to the World Biotech Tour project.

Galatea Biotech reseachers met the students, discussing with them about biotechnology and specifically industrial biotech.
The students developed their project deeping bioplastics, innovative sustainable biopolymers that can replace conventional petroleum derived plastic.

During the training period student shot an educational video (with English subtitles), in which they explain what bioplastics are and why they are so importart for our future.



During MeetMeTonight event of the Researches' Night 2016, the 30th of September, the most voted video will be selected as the winner. The winning class will send a student to the final of Tokyo 2017. You can vote our video here