HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) analysis

HPLC is an analyitical technique used to separate and to identify different components in complex mixtures of molecules. The complex mixture, combined with a liquid phase, flows through a stationary phase, which is packed in a column. Each molecule of the mixture, depending on its chemical structure, interacts differently with the two phases, causing different flow rates for different components; this in turn leads to the separation and the quantification of each compound.

Galatea Biotech HLPC analysis service allows the identification of different known molecules and metabolites, including sugars, organic acids, and alcohols.

Each analysis includes:

 sample preparation (including possible extraction);
 up to three repetitions of each sample to validate reproducibility of the analysis;
 report of the analysis.

Who it is for: companies, research, institutions.

For any further information, please write to our technical manager Stefano Bertacchi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You will be recontacted back as soon as possible, in order to define a quotation for the service, depending on the number of the samples and on the type of the requested analyses.