Small scale fermentations

We perform small scale fermentations in 10-liters bioreactors. Microorganisms can be cultivated  to produce biomasses to be used by the customers for various industrial needs.

Moreover, we can cultivate well-known microorganisms able to produce valuable molecules, such as  exoenzymes (lipases, amylases and other classes of enzymes used for biotransformations in the bioindustry). After the production process, the exoenzymes are purified from the supernatant.

We can also perform fermentations to produce different classes of metabolites, starting from customer’s microbial hosts and  delivering the celllular biomass to the customer  according to planned timelines.


This service includes:

 establishment and maintenance of Master Cell Banks (MCBs) and Working Cell Banks (WCBs) according to the customer’s needs  (for requested productions on);
 production process through  controlled fermentations in 10-litres bioreactors, and biomass recovery;
 test for production efficiency through specific analyses (e.g.. SDS-PAGE, activity   assay, Western blot);
 delivery of the cellular biomass, according to the planned timelines;
 final scientific report.  

In the case of isozymes:
 production process through controlled fermentations in 10-litres bioreactors;
 test for production efficiency through a standardized protocol (SOP);
 delivery of the product (liquid formulation);
 final scientific report.

For any further information, please write to our service manager Stefano Bertacchi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), briefly illustrating your needs. You will be promptly recontacted, in order to obtain a customized quotation.