Gene cloning and expression

Recombinant DNA technology allows the introduction, the deletion or the modification of one or more genes in an organism, aiming to study its/their function and features, or, from a biotechnological point of view, to obtain and drive the production of valuable molecules. The selection of a suitable expression system together with the choice of the adequate host organism are key parameters for obtaining the desired result.

The cloning service includes:

 sequence analysis through bioinformatic tools;
  sequence amplification from different types of templates (genomic/plasmidic DNA);
 possible design for codon usage optimization, depending on the host cell of choice;
 introduction of the sequence into the most suitable expression system, with the possibility to include leader sequences for specific protein localisation, and/or tags to allow its rapid identification and purification.

When needed:

 host engineering;
 selection of the best performing clones, depending on the final customer’s goal;
 constitution of a Master Cell Bank (MCB) and of a Working Cell Bank (WCB), including their periodic certification;
 final scientific report.

Who it is for: companies, research institutions. 

For any further information, please write to our technical manager Nadia Berterame (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You will be recontacted back as soon as possible, in order to define a quotation for the service, depending on the number of the samples and on the type of the requested analyses.